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Before the Recession pt. 4

I’ll never forget the summer after finishing 6th grade.  I believe this was the summer I first put my tongue in a girl’s mouth.  In fact, I may have even touched my first mammary that summer. But most importantly, this was the summer my dad first sprung for cable TV.  And to this then-adolescent boy that meant two things: MTV and ‘Skinemax’.  Though I would later discover that there was one beautiful bacchanal that basically combined the two.

I can’t really describe my initial reactions to MTV’s ‘Spring Break’.  To tell you the truth, I didn’t believe it was real, and to be fair, I’d bet that most of it probably isn’t.  But I had no idea what college was all about back then, what being drunk was all about, and what being horny for actual real human beings was all about either.  Yet there it was – all of it, sometimes even with whipped cream, honey, and bubbles to boot.

As time passed, I began to realize that the Spring Break ‘scene’ was probably a little bit too shallow for me.  I don’t have a six pack, I tan like a cat swims, and I dance even worse.  I was not bred for such things.  So in college I think I must have subconsciously convinced myself that MTV had cut short its seasonal fiesta.  Maybe I didn’t want to believe that such a thing could thrive in perpetuity.  I thought it was dead, and apparently I was wrong, because – like cicadas – out from the frozen ground have sprung commercials touting MTV SPRING BREAK 2010!!!!  (…and the cast of Jersey Shore crosses their swollen chests but again…)

Still, as wet t-shirt contests on white sand don’t fascinate me like they once did, I can’t shake the intensity of those first few ‘Spring Breaks’.  In a lot of ways they were a right of passage.  From Saturday morning cartoons to soft-core, from staying up late to sneaking cigarettes, from house-phones to email: MTV’s ‘Spring Break’ just typified what was a time of great upheaval in my life.  So while I may never be able to dance comfortably, I’ll certainly do my best to hold on to that fascination I once had for those who can…

Times were simple. Life was good.

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