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The War on Drugs – A Needle in your Eye #16

Kurt Vile rocks.  I want to make that very clear.  And quite frankly, his solo work – especially the careening opus, ‘Freaktrain’ – says more than enough about the intensity of his talent.  I had already been a fan of said work when I was turned on to The War on Drugs – his pet rock band with Massachusetts native, Adam Granduciel.  No doubt both sides of Vile are similar.  Both have a haunting, desert drone and a propulsion that weigh heavy on the general vibe.  But, and many Vile fans may disagree, I think War on Drugs’ ‘Wagonwheel Blues’ is a much more concise, and ultimately fully-realized offering than anything in Vile’s solo catalogue.  It’s all balls – rock star stuff, and I’m a shameless sucker for a good hook.  But I’m also just a normal dude from the ‘burbs.  It’s so interesting to me that Vile, a guy – unlike me – clearly in touch with a ‘Freak’ element, can curl up next to a juicy hook as well.

p.s. – Don’t miss ‘Wagonwheel Blues’ 10-minute swan song ‘Show Me the Coast.’  It’s one of those songs that strides easily in the weighty shoes of a potentially-grandiose title.

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