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Elevator Gooing Up!

Like many young people, my discovery of all things music required that I do some compulsory listening.  In other words, I listened to these albums the way a young english student would comb through ‘War and Peace.’ I was curious, but also well aware that this was a classic, and in a shallow way, I felt that I needed to have an opinion on the matter if I was to have any gravitas as a ‘music guy.’ Though half the time I didn’t get the big deal.  ‘Dark Side of the Moon,’ ‘Nevermind the Bollocks…,’ ‘Blonde on Blonde,’ – I enjoyed these albums, but it’s fair to say I didn’t comprehend their whole weight.  And I wouldn’t until much later.  I needed many more listens and many more years under my belt.  But I’d always come around. Thankfully…

Yesterday afternoon I finally got the shakes, the shivers, and the sweats from London Calling. Sometimes it just takes a free hour of putting away laundry…

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