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February 27, 2010 Leave a comment

This is so right in so many ways.

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I’m Not Above a Dave Post

February 27, 2010 1 comment

Ok, so I’ve decided that I’m not giving up on this thing just yet.  The thoughts are certainly there, but the only thing in question is the devotion. Though I’ll be honest: I get insecure about my writing.  Sometimes I write on this easel – the only place I write creatively – and I just think it sucks.  But isn’t the point just to put it out there?  No, I think these blogs are here for us to feel as if we have a platform to put our best foot forward.  And so I will try to do just that.  It may suck, and you can be sure I’ll always think just that, but I’m going to continue because I certainly am not selfless enough to resort to a journal.  After all, how will my ego get any sort of recompense if I believe that nobody is reading (even though nobody really is)?

Anyway, this is a Daniel Lanois song that I think Dave Matthews covers beautifully.  He may be washed up, but this is a man [Matthews] whose talent I believe is undeniable.  And more importantly, he’s someone who shaped the very foundation of my musical being.  So I think that all of his new stuff is totally awful.  To be sure, I don’t think he’s made a good album since ‘Before These Crowded Streets.’ Still, I will always feel as if I’m betraying something honest about myself by not coming to his defense in some way.  So here’s some solid work – regardless of era – done recently.

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