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American Kimchi

November 11, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s been an activity/stress-filled two months, but I’ve still not forgotten about Korea.  How could I?  In fact, I still find myself bringing it up in conversation… frequently, and probably much to my friends’ dismay.

Though, I’ll admit, it would be hard to forget the good ‘ol ROK in a place like northern VA, which absolutely must have one of the most active Korean populations in the country.  And if you think I’m full of it, then just travel to Annandale, VA – a small city in which SEVERAL whole strip malls will be nothing but Korea-themed operations.  In fact, I saw whole office complexes with nary an English letter visibly anywhere on the building’s facade.  It’s a wild place, but one I’m very comfortable in.

At any rate, you would think that with all of these Koreans here, I could get some quality Kimchi.  Unfortunately that has not been the case, and I’m straight pissed about it.  Most Americans can’t understand this, but Kimchi fucking rocks!  It’s healthy, it tastes fantastic with meat, and you can use it to make endless amounts of hangover-busting soup.  I miss it as much, if not more, than the curious looks I got from throngs of intensely attractive Korean women.

America has not been good to my waistline.  I don’t look like trash, and I haven’t been keeping a routine as I should, but damn does American food make it hard to stay svelte.  Quite frankly I’m glad I let it go a little bit at the end of my Asian stay, because it would have been really awful if I came looking in shape, and then watched it go down in a blaze of glory.  Now all I have to do is contend with the fact that it went from bad to worse.

Why am I ranting?  You guessed it: I WANT MY KIMCHI!  But not just any watered-down (read: American) Kimchi.  I want the good stuff.  I want the stuff I had in Korea, that I would gladly have over any pb&j.  Koreans of America: why are you holding out on us?  You know that there’s an all-consuming health craze in this country, where are your infomercials about the ‘Kimchi diet’?  This is a billion-dollar industry that you are not breaking into!

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