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Girls/Real Estate @the Black Cat 11/3

November 5, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments


I awoke on Tuesday having absolutely no intention of seeing a concert, let alone the current toast of the indie community (read: pitchfork.com).  And yet there I am, it’s 10pm, and I’m in a remarkably un-hipster crowd for San Francisco’s Girls.  I know nothing about this band, other than that they’re buzzing, and that they recently made ‘headlines’ with one of the raciest music videos of the decade.  I have no expectations.

It’s now two days later, and I’m glad I approached the Girls show in this way.  This is one of the few bands I’ve encountered who packs more of a punch on record than they do in person.  I’ve alway heard such things about Fall Out Boy-esque bands, but I don’t think it would shock anyone to hear that I’m yet to find myself in that crowd.  Indie music is usually the music of the people, and thus, a craft honed in front of people.  It seemed to me as if Girls were not an outfit yet used to entertaining a crowd.  Their sound – albeit accessible, warm, and youthful – doesn’t translate well in concert.  Though, it could be that this is a band still figuring out how best to flesh out its songs.  But I don’t want to seem as if I’m writing these guys off.  I bought their album, I like it, and so, in that sense, they succeeded.


That said, if anyone succeeded that night, it was most definitely the openers, a New Jersey-via DC group called Real Estate.  These guys deserved to close that show.  Maybe I was the only there that night who feels this way, but I just can’t imagine how that’s not apparent.  They have a full, realized sound.  The melodies are there, the musician ship is there, the vocals… I just can’t imagine they won’t be buzzing a few months from now.  After all, they’re basically an approximation of Vampire Weekend, only a version that instead grew up lower middle class, went to Panama instead of Ghana, loved guitars more than petite blondes, and basically had bigger balls.  Keep your ears open for Real Estate.  You heard it here first.

(pics thanks to pitchfork.com … fitting, right?)

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