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Art Brut @ the Black Cat 10/18/09

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Last night I saw a band called Art Brut, whom I had never heard, that totally rocked my face off.  Let me first say that I’m not sure I would have enjoyed this band on record.  They are overtly British, which is not a bad thing, but just not a scene that I ever particularly gravitated to.  They are overtly tart, though I suppose that comes with the British territory.  In any case, I had no confidence that it would be a GREAT show.  I promised a dear friend I would attend, and so I figured reuniting with him would make the night what it was.  But look, this band fucking rocks in concert!  The music is driving, accessible, and airtight; and the lead singer has a presence the size of the whole room.  In an indie scene that is so totally dedicated to desperately earnest approachable everymans, Art Brut keep their distance by proving that they remember what it’s like to feel as if you simply don’t exist on the same plain as the gents cranking it out on the stage.  They remember what it was like the first time they saw Morrissey, Mick, Freddie, or Bowie make it all happen.  They weren’t normal people, and in my opinion, nor should any self-respecting rock musician.  After all, what kind of artistic greatness did normal people ever achieve?  (I’m sure there are a million arguments to the contrary, but fuck them, and fuck you.)  So, will I buy an Art Brut album?  Maybe so, but maybe not.  Will I hesitate to drop whatever cash is necessary to see these guys the next time we’re in the same city?  Absolutely not!  100%.  They are a one-of-a-kind live band.  Plus, they have a female bassist, which, I think we can all agree, is undeniably bad ass.

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