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City of God

October 15, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

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I’ve always been somewhat behind the times.  Or to put it another way: I seem to miss out on most popular things in the peak of their popularity.  Now, while I would like to say that’s usually a consequence of me having tapped into a cooler scene, the reality is that I’m probably just unaware or too lazy to get with it like everyone else.  The clearest example of this is my acquisition of music.  Some of the really scene-y bands [read: Passion Pit, MGMT] are now staples in my library, but I was totally unaware of them until two months ago.  Right.  I absolutely read about both acts long before that, but I was complacent, and now I look like a poseur when I cue them up at a party.  But this particular example only points out a relatively brief period of being in the dark (two months).  In some instances, I exclude myself for much longer.

For the better part of 4 years I’ve been aware of the film City of God, and I only just watched it this morning.  Why is this significant?  People have been raving to me about this flick for all this time – absolutely gushing with adulation – and still I put it off.  Laziness.  And of course, now I know that City of God is an utterly magnificent picture; bordering on perfect.  Seriously, baring that I encounter the rare masterpiece, I doubt I will see a better movie this year, and this angers me.  This particular instance isn’t even about me being part of the conversation – “Yea I’ve seen that movie, and it’s amazing.” – it’s more that I can’t believe I deprived myself of such a masterful work of art for as long as I did.

So if you’re like me and you constantly put it off for later, or if you just had no idea it existed, WAKE UP… CEASE AND DESIST… and see City of God as soon as you can.

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