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Living in the DC area exposes one to a variety of accents.  We get a little New York, a lot of deep south, and a good mix in between.  Unfortunately this mix includes a disproportionate amount of Baltimore.  I say this without reservation: the Baltimore accent is the grossest accent I’ve ever heard.  I’m not sure I can describe it, at least with the amount of clarity that it deserves.  I suppose I could say that it’s a fusion of rural Pennsylvania, booze, and high cholesterol.  It’s the type of accent you would imagine all overweight, female phone operators might have.  Now, I’m not making any statement of the people of Baltimore themselves.  I just think that they have one of the most truly unfortunate accents in the known universe.

Here is the best that youtube has to offer.

p.s. – If anyone can find a ‘natural’ Baltimorian letting it rip, please, PLEASE send me the link.

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