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Washington D.C.


Washington D.C. is a cool place, and don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.  It is a place filled with interesting, smart, and generally friendly people.  There may not be the thriving art scene of, say, New York, San Francisco, or Chicago, but come on, there’s only 800,000 people!  Furthermore, there’s an implicit trade off to be made when comparing DC to large cities such as the three above.  They are just that – large, both in size and stature.  DC has small buildings – maybe only 5 or 6 stories – many of which are old.  Thus, as a city, it has a very lived-in, cozy feel.  It’s an attractive city, with an attractive subway system, and, dare I say, attractive people.  Of course, you really have to get away from ‘The Mall’ and all the known and discovered DC to really know what I’m talking about.  But the great part is, that’s not really hard to do.  Just get off at the right Metro stop and spend 40 minutes walking around.  No neighborhood in the city is so big that you can’t get a feel for it in an hour, at most.  Some would say that’s confining, but I don’t think so.  It’s true that the city won’t give you the urban rush that the big boys will, .  Few people know, though they assume – in my opinion – that DC is like a little brother, thirsting to catch up.  It’s not.  It’s a city completely at home with its being, and in that, I find it to be a very comfortable place to be.  Here’s my message: to anyone who visited the city on a school trip in elementary school… come back.  Let me show you the more humble, better parts of the city.  To this day, I’ve never escorted an out-of-towner through DC that left unimpressed.  We’ll drive by the White House and all that, sure, but then we’ll head up to Dupont and some unrivaled people watching.  Or we could shoot over to Georgetown get some shopping done, and maybe walk along the canal.  Or perhaps we could walk down embassy row and bump into some diplomats.  Or maybe bump around Chinatown and grab some lo mein.  There’s always the option of hitting up Ben’s Chilli Bowl where we could happen upon Bill Cosby, who would of course be eating for free.  Whatever the case, we would have to end our day in Adams Morgan, where hopefully we’d be eating a slice of pizza bigger than our heads.  I’ve probably left out some great adventures as well.  In any case, if all else fails and you’re really bored, there’s always Baltimore just up 95, where you could easily stave yourself over with famous Maryland crabcakes and crack cocaine…

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