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Vietnam – Saigon, Nha Trang, Hanoi

At the very tail end of my time in Korea, I took a fantastic, life-altering trip to Vietnam.  Let me first say that South East Asia is THE place you want to be as a young person and a traveller.  It’s exciting, it’s cheap, the people are friendly, the food is unbeatable… just go there.

Anyway, Vietnam won me over and then some.  I’ve never been in a place that made me so excited to wake up in the morning.  Every morning I felt as if I stood on the border of a day that could have very well changed the way I felt about people, the world, food, and even myself.  It was a heady feeling to say the least.  Ironically – considering its checkered history as a tourist destination – I found Vietnam to be an incredibly romantic place.  I felt as if I was a character in some novel by an author with a really exotic name, and that’s not my imagination speaking.  Vietnam is just inspirational like that.

Obviously these pictures will not do it justice, none really could.  Regardless, here’s a bit of this marvelous country through my lens…

Vietnam woman
Saigon night scene

Nha Trang beach
Street scene Hanoi


Saigon indoor market

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