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On the Docket

Korea has many things that easily appeal to the average westerner.  The food is delicious, most everything is efficient, modernity is in full swing, the people are gorgeous etc etc.  But there was one thing I just couldn’t get into: the music.  Popular Korean music is aggressively danceable or aggressively emotional, and there seems to be no middle ground.  It’s a terrible atmosphere for a rock and folk guy – which I am.

There would be times when this stuff was unavoidable.  For example, there was nary a shopping area that wasn’t assaulting you with the sounds of K-Pop over the loud speakers.  For this reason I would say that, by the end of my stay, I had cultivated a tolerable relationship with Korean tunes.  However, you couldn’t have payed me any amount of money to see a K-Pop show.  Period.  Like many young Americans, I LOVE a good concert, and as interesting as it might have been, I was just not going to bastardize the principle of the experience by wasting 45 minutes in a throng of screaming Korean teens.

Thus, snatching up several concert tickets was a key order of business upon returning to ‘the states.’  Thanks in no small part to Korea, I was able – financially and schedule-wise – to grab some great shows for the fall.  While studying for the LSAT, unemployment, and living with the folks has made my life somewhat drab, I can at least look forward to these bad ass shows, and use them to keep my spirits afloat.

So, here is a visual lineup for what I’ve got coming…

Monsters of FolkMastodonAllman Brothers Band

and, just as a motivator, hopefully I’ll be in this scene before the end of the year…


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