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First Strike of the Shovel…

IMG_0435After weeks of procrastination, stagnation, agitation, and a few other ‘ations’, here I am, back in the bloggy saddle once more.

Many of you visiting – and I doubt there will be too many – probably already know my story.  For those of you who don’t, here is a sturdy run down…

I graduated from the University of Vermont in May, 2008 with a solid BA.  Unfortunately, the job prospects that came along with such a degree were not so solid.  I took that pitfall as an opportunity seize on an experience I had dreamt of for quite some time: teaching English in Asia.  Thanks to a few months of bureaucratic wrangling, I found myself in front of a classroom of Korean elementary school students come September of 2008.  I spent the next calendar year as a glorified game show host – cum – clown, but was rewarded with some amazing friends and a mental armoire of irreplaceable memories.  I arrived back on US soil Sept 1, 2009, and have been toiling away on various projects in and around the DC-Metro area ever since…

That summary takes us up today, and the creation of this blog.  I want roktova (Republic of Korea to VA [Virginia]) to be mainly about several things: my transition back into America and what that entails, my attempts at the LSAT and law school admissions, finally seeing good concerts again, the post-college diaspora and how it has effected  me and my friends, and the complicated art of moving back in with one’s parents.  Beyond that, I can tell you that music, politics, sex, relationships, and god-knows-what-else will find space here at one point or another.

I see this blog, ultimately, as a transition – because that’s exactly what I’m in.  Some people chose to hit the ground running immediately after college; I didn’t.  I ran away for a year, possibly unscrewed my own head even more than it had been before, and now I’m back and trying to find the starting line.  roktova will cease to exist once I find solid footing in this world.  But until then…


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